Your child’s first visit to Tooth Town Pediatric Dentistry will consist of a thorough review of their dental and medical history and a comprehensive dental examination. We will discuss proper diet, nutrition, preventing dental injuries, and good oral hygiene habits. The first visit usually involves a professional dental cleaning, fluoride therapy and any necessary radiographs. From the information gathered, Dr. Ghezzi will be able to prepare a treatment plan and recommend the best options for your child’s dental care. Typically, an initial exam is required for every new patient prior to any treatment, even if your child has had an exam by a referring doctor.

We want to help make your child’s first visit to Tooth Town a positive and enjoyable one. Our goal during the first visit is to get to know your child and to make them comfortable with Dr. Ghezzi and the staff. A pleasant first experience will help them build trust and confidence and put them at ease for future dental visits. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child during the initial exam.

Your child may have anxiety or fear about their first visit. It would be helpful to us if parents refrain from using words around them that might cause unnecessary fear, such as “shot”, “needle”, “hurt” or “drill”. At Tooth Town, we are experienced in dealing with children with anxiety and can explain dental treatment in “kid-friendly” terms to alleviate their fears.